Twitter sends you an email and push notification when someone follows you, but have you ever wondered “Who unfollowed me on Twitter?”. TwitQuit is the answer.

TwitQuit 2.0+ allows you to track who follows and unfollows you on Twitter along with graphical daily statistics and the relationship between you and your followers. See a list of users who you follow that doesn’t follow you back and unfollow them, see a list of users who follows you that you do not follow back and follow them – one-by-one or in bulk – and check up on your mutual Twitter friends.

TwitQuit is a universal iPhone and iPad app available in the App Store. Use the new features of iOS 7.0+ and leave TwitQuit running in the background to auto-check each of your accounts several times a day. Add unlimited Twitter accounts and easily switch between them.

Download TwitQuit 2.0 from the App Store, securely authorise your Twitter accounts and never miss who unfollowed you again.


From the developer

Hi, I’m @Hardbyte, a web and applications developer based in Birmingham, UK. I set up TwitQuit in May 2011 and restricted it to myself and a few friends to perform specific tasks as we couldn’t find a service which managed these in one place. I then gave some beta testers access in August 2011 and after a bit of pushing, I quietly released it to the interweb during December 2011.

The website was not made to compete with other well known services out there, nor was it built to drive traffic or generate revenue. It was simply built to delivery a solution to a specific problem. After a few blogging websites stumbled upon and reviewed it, it’s having a huge number of signups to TwitQuit and its sister-sites (TumQuit and InstaQuit – you’ll see a pattern…) and I’d like to thank everyone involved for blogging, using and sharing the websites and mobile applications.