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  • Who unfollowed me on Twitter?

    Once you have securely authorised your Twitter account with TwitQuit, each time you press the refresh button we will check to see who has followed and unfollowed you since your last check.

    Your statistics will be presented on a bar graph which you can click on each day and see who your new followers are and your recent unfollowers.

  • Who do I follow that doesn’t follow me back?

    Underneath your graphical statistics, you will see the amount of users that:

    • You follow, that do not follow you back
    • Follows you, that you do not follow back
    • Mutual friends; you both follow each other

    Click on each section to view a list of users in that category.

  • How do I add multiple accounts and how much is it?

    Tap on the ‘Menu’ button (top left hand corner) to reveal a hidden ‘Accounts’ menu. Here you can press the ‘+’ to add more Twitter accounts to TwitQuit.

    You can add as many accounts as you like. The one off App Store charge covers unlimited accounts on your device.


  • How often can I use the application?

    You can use the application as much as you like. Press the ‘Refresh’ icon and we can let you know who followed or unfollowed you since the last time you checked.

    There is one limitation which is out of our control and that’s Twitter itself. Twitter has ‘rate’ and ‘follow’ limits which we have to abide too. If you occasionally receive a ‘Oops, there was a problem connecting to Twitter’ message, then you may have hit one of the limitations from Twitter.

  • The app was updated without me doing anything, is that Background App Refresh?

    One of Apple’s new iOS7+ features is Background App Refresh. If you leave the application opening in the background, such as when it enters the multitasking menu, TwitQuit will randomly check each of your accounts several times a day and alert you by local push notifications when you have gained or lost followers. Nifty huh?

  • What do the relationship icons represent?

    We have recently introduced relationship icons which are an easier way to visually identify the following against each user:

    • Follows You: this user follows you but you do not follow them back.
    • You Follow: you follow this user but they do not follow you back.
    • Mutual Friend: you both follow each other.

    As you perform an action against a user, the icons will update too.

  • Can I unfollow all these users in bulk?

    Absolutely ;)

    If you follows users that do not follow you back, but don’t want too any more, swipe left on that user to reveal the ‘Unfollow’ button.

    Alternatively, press the ‘Edit’ button (top right of the screen) and then tap each user you want to unfollow in bulk.

  • Can I follow users in bulk?

    Yes you can.

    If you do not follow back, but want too, swipe left on that user to reveal the ‘Follow’ button.

    Alternatively, press the ‘Edit’ button (top right of the screen) and then tap each user you want to follow in bulk.


  • Who made TwitQuit?

    Twitquit was made by me, @Hardbyte, a web and applications developer based in Birmingham, UK. I set up TwitQuit in May 2011 and restricted it to myself and a few friends to perform specific tasks as we couldn’t find a service which managed these in one place. I then gave some beta testers access in August 2011 and my friends pushed me to release it to the interweb during December 2011.

    The website was not made to compete with other well known services out there, nor was it built to drive traffic or generate revenue. It was simply built to delivery a solution to a specific problem. After a few blogging websites stumbled upon and reviewed it, it’s having a huge number of signups to TwitQuit and its sister-sites (TumQuit and InstaQuit – you’ll see a pattern…) and I’d like to thank everyone involved for blogging, using and sharing the websites and mobile applications.

  • Do I have to follow @TwitQuit to use the app?

    No, you don’t need to follow @TwitQuit, but it would be nice if you did ;)

    It’s you, the TwitQuit audience, that motivates us to keep improving and developing new features so please follows us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest… it puts a smile on our face.

  • I’ve been unfollowed but I can’t see who they are?

    If you notice that your follower count is decreasing and the statistics for those users are not showing, it usually indicates that the user has been banned, suspended or deleted from Twitter and we are not provided with that information before their departure.

    We are currently testing a process which identifies these users and if we feel this information is accurate, we will include the feature in an upcoming release.

  • I’ve hit Twitter’s follow limit, what should I do?

    Twitter allows you to follow 1,000 users per day, however only 2,000 per new account. Once you have reached your 2,000 follow limit, you will need to gain yourself a ratio of followers before you are able to follow further more users.

    The answer? TwitQuit of course.

    Use the relationship feature ‘who I follow that doesn’t follow me’ and unfollow those who do not follow you. You can then start following new users. The alternative solution would be to wait until you have gained more followers.

  • What’s a Twitter rate limit?

    Twitter actions several limitations so that a user does not abuse their service and the rest of their servers.

    There’s a ‘rate limit’ against each action you do on Twitter, for example:

    • You can follow 1,000 users per day but not exceed 2,000 per account unless you have a ratio of those followers following you back.
    • You can send 1,000 tweets per day, per application you use. Retweets are calculated as a tweet.
    • You can send 250 direct messages (DMs) per day.
    • These are just to name a few…

    TwitQuit replies on the Twitter API in order to provide the app with the information it needs to display who follows and unfollows you, these actions are also limited, for example:

    • Collecting your friends: 5,000 users per request, 15 requests every 15 minutes.
    • Collecting your followers: 5,000 users per request, 15 requests every 15 minutes.
    • Comparing and collecting user information: 100 users per request, 180 requests every 15 minutes.
    • The list goes on…

    With the above limitations in place, we monitor and restrict the amount of requests per account the best we can so you do not go over the Twitter limits as these are limitations which are out of our control.

    If you experience issues based on Twitter’s limitations, please wait 15 minutes before continuing to use the app or get in touch to see if we can help.

  • How do I remove an account from the list?

    Want to quit, TwitQuit? We would love to hear why you do not want to use our application any more, please submit your questions, comments or feedback here.

    Tap the ‘Settings’ icon next to the account you want to delete and hit the ‘Remove Account’ button.

    Please note: removing your Twitter account from TwitQuit will delete all previous follow and unfollow statistics on that device which you will not be able to restore.

Getting started

  • What is TwitQuit?

    TwitQuit is a mobile application that tracks who follows and unfollows you on Twitter. You can also check the relationship between you and your followers so you can unfollow those that do not follow you and follow those who you do not yet follow back.

  • Where can I download the app?

    TwitQuit is universally available for iPhone and iPad and you can download it on the App Store here.

  • How do I register my Twitter account with TwitQuit?

    First time users can open the application and click the “Sign in with Twitter” button. You will be asked to sign in with your Twitter credentials to authorise your account with the app. Don’t panic, we can not see your password and we will not write to your timeline. Promise.

  • I’ve logged in but why is the graph blank?

    Twitter (currently) doesn’t store historical follower or unfollower information therefore we can’t provide it either.

    TwitQuit can only show who followed and unfollowed you from the time you have authorised your Twitter account and the last time you checked. The graph will build up nicely over time.

  • I’ve just upgraded to 2.0 – why is there a connection error?

    TwitQuit 2.0 migrates all existing regular users to a new app profile which will require you to re-login to your Twitter accounts.

    Those of you who have not logged into TwitQuit for approximately 30 days will also need to re-authenticate your account as Twitter expires your app credentials when they have not been used in a while.

    Once you have securely reauthorised your Twitter accounts with TwitQuit, when you press the Refresh button you should not need to re-login.

  • Do you automatically Tweet from my account?

    Absolutely not!

    We will never automatically send any spammy tweets from your account(s), however we do provide a ‘Share’ button (top right) and it would be great if you could tell your friends about TwitQuit. Thank you :)